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Want to print your own newspaper?

Newspaper Club is pretty cool. Advertisements

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Proposed Microsoft Rebrand – any thoughts?

Andrew Kim, student at ACCD in LA took 3 days to figure out the problem of Microsoft’s current branding. The full project is found on Andrew’s website.   Visit Brand New for a great … Continue reading

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What to Listen to While You Work

I don’t know about everyone else, but I get tired of listening to music pretty quickly at work. I want to hear a story, a conversation, information. I’d recommend listening … Continue reading

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Is your light logic this good?

Look through Kumi Yamashita’s Light & Shadow works. They are amazing visually and technically!

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Designers are Experts, Not Dabblers

This article was a great read – even if you have no desire to self-publishing. A quote from the article is below. Designers have always been natural self-publishers. Who is … Continue reading

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Check out Carl Kleiner

To me – he must be the coolest guy in the world. His visual ideas are clever and aesthetically pleasing. His work almost resembles surrealism without the extreme Dada influence … Continue reading

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